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Clean My Planet

Application to clean up the planet


3 months

5 months

3 to 12 months

2 years

10 to 100 years

100 to 1000 years

200 to 500 years

400 years

5 years

4000 years

4 billion tons of waste are produced worldwide each year, more than 10 billion kilos per day.

And this number is only increasing. 

And their elimination ? It lasts a lot longer than we think...

Time for waste

Average per capita waste per
continent each year

315 kg


430 kg


688 kg


947 kg


More a country is rich more it produces of waste. 
Many of them are thrown wherever in the nature. Besides being a visual pollution, this waste is dangerous for the environment. They release molecules. A single cigarette end of cigarette can pollute 500 liters of water. It is thus an urgency to act.

Chewing gum can be swallowed by animals glass bottles to create fires.
The piles which infiltrate into grounds can contaminate groundwaters and there are risks for the health. Waste can go up to seas and to oceans and pollute them. The plastic waste and the rubber in the Pacific Ocean represent 34 times the surface of the Netherlands. They are ingested by small bodies, and with the food chain it finds itself in our food. The plastic bags are the first cause of death of the marine turtles. They damage corals, fishing boats, damage the housing environment of certain species, kill fishes, birds and marine mammals, free toxic materials.

The purpose of Clean My Planet is that no more waste sprinkles the ground of our beautiful Earth and to commit a group dynamics for that purpose as well as to develop the eco-citizenship.


Clean my Planet

We take real time geolocation-based photos of waste which we find.
The user has to specify the nature of the waste to know how better to treat it.

It shows then waste reception centers etc. where to put collected waste following their nature the closest.


As real ecological social network, we can post photos taken on a thread of current events.


Every person has a profile. He possesses a level following his activity to encourage the eco-citizenship. He can even have badges.


There is a diary followed of group cleanings for facilitate their access.


The users and the territories 
are classified.

Later, we would want to create a label for territories, to organize cleanings of group or even journeys in places chosen specially.

The geolocation-based photo becomes a red point on a map.
A notification is sent to the users and the communities of 
Clean My Planet the closest.
When we click the red point, the user can click on " I go there", what transforms the red point orange and active the GPS to go to 
the given place.
The user has 7 days to go, with reminders there, After this allotted time the point becomes again red. When we cleaned up, we resume a geolocation-based photo of the place and Becomes green after check.


Our course




Several sources of crowdfunding will enable the completion of the Clean my Planet project. 

You believe in Clean my Planet ?




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